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Central District Grants O&N Motion Against American Casualty Addressing the Scope of Damages an Insurer Must Pay for Breaching I


On July 25, 2016, the United States District Court for the Central District of California granted O&N’s motion for partial summary judgement holding that American Casualty, “having breached its duty to defend, [] is required, as a matter of law, to pay as damages all reasonable and necessary fees and costs that [its insureds] incurred to defend against the underlying [] Actions.”

The court rejected American Casualty’s argument that a breaching insurer could allocate between the cost of defending covered and non-covered claims. Quoting a leading insurance treatise, the Court wrote that while an insurer “‘defending on a reservation of rights basis is normally entitled to reimbursement from the insured for costs incurred in defending claims not even potentially covered under its policy[,] . . . [n]o such allocation is allowed, however, where the insurer wrongly refuses to defend the entire action. This is one of the risks insurers run in breaching their duty to defend.’"

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